Hoosier Hundred


I have been running now for over 10 years. It is something that is not only good for me, but has taught me a lot about practice and consistency. I love the challenge it presents-no day (or race) is the same.

Where did the idea of the Hoosier Hundred come from? Back in 2005, DH and I made a trip to a local animal rescue facility and I had no idea at the time that people had pet rabbits. DH had one when he was young, but neither of us understood the concept of a HOUSE rabbit. Meaning, bunny stayed indoors with the family.

Along came Hoosier Bunny. For 6 years this bunny was my best friend. He followed me literally wherever I went and was always up for an adventure. If I was studying in bed, he was at my feet. If I had apple pie for dessert, his nose was in my face. He had the best personality ever, his happiness was contagious.

Sadly we lost Hoosier in October of 2011 and I still miss him something fierce. But, I decided it was time to take the love of my first bunny and translate that into help for other bunnies.

Hence the Hoosier Hundred was born.

On August 30-31 I ran 62 miles or 100k and raised $3,000 for the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue and their “Be the Voice Campaign.” The money raised will go towards the purchase of the adoption center that they are currently leasing.

Since I cannot adopt every bunny that comes along, this center will care for them until they find their forever home.


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