Hi, my name is Shannon aka “Buckeye Bunny.”  I am really passionate about two things 1) My  three rescue bunnies (and supporting local rabbit rescues) and 2) Running!   I got the nickname after I ran the Columbus Marathon in 2011 and raised money for a local organization called the Columbus House Rabbit Society. Since then I have been known to still throw on the ears and tail for races around town. So, if you see a girl going for a run wearing ears and a tail, it’s likely me!

I run because it challenges me. Some runs are easy and it is natural to love those runs the best. I think it is the hard ones that teach us something about ourselves. When we struggle with something that doesn’t come naturally we improve (mind and body).

Every time I go for a run or I participate in a race I try to reflect on what I learned. Sometimes I learn something new about myself, sometimes I meet fascinating people, other times I learn about the community. Either way, I try to learn as much as I can from the experience. Because running is definitely a life experience!


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