Marathon Training Week 1


So….it begins. Training for my 9th full marathon started this week. I am really really scared. It probably sounds insane since this is my 9th full marathon, but this is a distance I have ALWAYS struggled with. I have never come under five hours, there have been seasons where I have trained exactly as I should have and still the race went terribly.

Since the last time a race went poorly, I kind of put my head in the sand and decided to avoid my own training by becoming a coach. I had always enjoyed being a pacer for races, and I did want to take my knowledge and share it with others, but I also didn’t want to have to worry about myself either. It was easier to avoid then try and figure out how to change or alter my strategy.

But, I figured I can’t avoid this forever. I am at a point where running needs to be something different, or I won’t keep doing it. I’ve finished. Now I want to finish well.

So my plan is this.

Step 1: Join Marathoners In Training
Step 2: Follow the Intermediate Schedule during the week and the Advanced for long runs
Step 3: Add weight training
Step 4: Blog weekly about how training is going
Step 5: Eat more fruits and veggies

This week went fairly well. I missed one run on Friday, but I got myself out the door for my long run by myself. I also lifted weights twice this week. My runs are getting stronger. During the week I can more easily run an 11:40 pace, but the weekend long run is still at a 13.

I figured taking it one week at a time would be the most manageable.

So here we go, Columbus Marathon 2017…