2016 Cap City Half Marathon

This past Saturday, I ran my 22nd half marathon. When did I suddenly find myself having run that many half marathons? It wasn’t so long ago that I was floored to run 7 miles in a training run…

It doesn’t seem to matter how many half marathons, or other races I have run, I still feel terribly nervous at the start. I know the routine, I know EXACTLY what to expect (for the most part), but I always find my adrenaline hiking up just before the race.

This was the first time in a long time that I was running the half marathon and not pacing the event. It has been a few years since I have run an event, or raced one. I was really hoping, based on the way that my training had gone, that I would hit somewhere between a 2:40 finish or 2:30. I was pretty confident I had that in me.

At the start I was about a minute behind theĀ 2:30 finish pacers. Right around mile 4 the wheels fell off. I got really sick at my stomach. I had been doing water-then Gatorade at every other station. I couldn’t seem to handle the motion of running without feeling queasy. Running through campus and German Village was a nightmare, all the restaurants were prepping food for the day and it made the nausea worse.

But, I am stubborn. I know what it is like to run when you aren’t feeling well. So I stuck those 9 terrible miles out. I dug deep and kept trudging forward. I didn’t meet my goal and I was terribly disappointed, but I am proud that I kept moving forward.


Overall, M3S does a really nice event for this half marathon. It is one of my favorites in town and I feel strongly about it like I do the Columbus Marathon. My friends look at doing races in other towns…not sure I am ready to part with it. I still need to slay this course someday!

The course takes you from downtown Columbus, through OSU’s campus, back downtown, out to German Village, and then returning downtown. There are water stations at every 1.5(ish) miles. If it had been warmer, they could have had them more frequently, but we lucked out with good weather this year. The medal was a beast.


I mean, this medal was kind of ridiculous in its size. But the faux diamonds were neat and I liked the “I am a Champion,’ written on the side.

All in all, a really fun time and race. I would certainly recommend this one to people. It is a good time!