Hello from Buckeye Bunny!

Hi everybunny! My name is Shannon, a Columbus native who has never left the great state of Ohio, and who loves her state despite (because of) its quirkiness.  My love of bunnies and running started almost around the same time.  I started running so I wouldn’t put on the freshmen 15 (which didn’t work) and DH adopted my first bunny for me in 2005.

While no one would ever guess that these two passions of mine have merged, they somehow always seem to come together.  In 2011,  I ran the Columbus Marathon and raised $600 for the Columbus House Rabbit Society and in 2014, I ran 100k (62 miles) and raised $3,000 for the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue’s Be The Voice Campaign.

I love running and I love my rescue bunnies.

Besides my husband, I share my home with three rescue buns.

Thurmmie “Tan Tan”


Bert, the bunny


and Mandi Girl!



Each one of these cuties brings me so much joy and they have such unique personalities.

As a runner I have finished 7 marathons, two ultras and a bunch of halves, 10k’s and 5k’s.  I also am part of a local group called the Fleet Feet Pace Team.

I am also the Race Director for the Run Your Buns Off 5k and Hopper One Mile.

As you can see my love of running and rescue rabbits seems to have come full circle.

Besides the bunnies, I am a doctoral candidate at The Ohio State University, studying education and the history of educational reform.  I love to travel and hope to one day live on the beach next to the ocean (preferably the Gulf).

Recently I changed the name of my blog to more appropriately reflect me as an individual; I am calling it Buckeye Bunny: An Ohio Girl who Runs for Buns.

I hope you will join along for my running journey and enjoy the antics of my bunny friends along the way.


Hop to it!!!!


PS- Shout out to my Grams, who always reads and comments on my blog, she nurtured my passion for writing from an early age.


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