Fleet Feet Columbus Pace Team


There is so much going on right now. I am writing a dissertation, working full time, my husband just started new work as well. So things are a bit of a whirlwind. Running used to be my way of staying sane despite what might be going on around me. Lately even that hasn’t felt as good as it used to. Every time I go out to run I feel like I am taking time away from the other activities that I should be doing (the dissertation). For a while I gave up running regularly and I found it just didn’t sit well.

What keeps me moving is the Pace Team I am part of, through Fleet Feet Columbus. We participate in many of the local runs around Columbus Ohio that are organized by M3S Sports. Both M3S and Fleet Feet are all about celebrating the active and healthy lifestyle. So, the races are typically a giant party-a well-organized giant party. This past weekend the race was the NHL 5k and there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 participants. In May, I will be pacing the Cap City Half Marathon again which has close to 15,000 participants.

I love every minute of pacing. I love getting to meet new runners and learn more about their ambitions or goals. Sometimes it’s their first race, some are coming back after an injury- and some have been at it for quite a while and are looking for a new PR.

I love being a part of their journey. It reminds me of why I started running races in the first place. The camaraderie. For there is nothing like the spirit of a race.

Oh, and I get another chance to wear my ears and tail!!!




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