M3S Holiday Run and 2015 Goals

Holiday Run

Any time I participate or pace one of the M3S Sports races I leave the event excited and happy I went. David Babner and his crew have really nailed the race experience. Some events can be a little pricey for my budget, but that is par for the course for most events of a similar size and distance.  Not sure I would hold this against M3S as they are trying to bring a great event to the community and operate as a business.

On Sunday December 13, 2014 I ran the Holiday Run which was a 4 miler out at Sharon Woods in Westerville Ohio. I was an alternate pacer that day, meaning if someone was injured or sick I would be called to duty. This was not one of those days. Since I was not needed as a pacer and this would be my last running event of 2014, I decided to run and race as hard as I could.
This is a great scenic course. It is held in one of the metro parks around the Columbus Metro area. There are several hills of ‘significance’ during the race. Just little bumps to wake you up and make sure you are paying attention. Peaceful woods and a course of around 300 folks and mild temperatures made for an awesome day. I finished in 40:42 or a 10:11 pace.

The race finish line had a cute snowflake medal, hot chocolate, cookies and bagels. The race shirt was a long sleeve tech that looked like Santa’s suit and a Santa hat. Overall, two thumbs WAY UP. If you want to run next year, sign up early as this race sells out every year.

With that being my last race of 2014 I started thinking about my 2015 goals and what I would like to see this time next year and this is what I came up with:
1) Finish, Defend and graduate from my PhD program
2) Lose those 25 pounds
3) Run 100 miles a month for 1,200 for the year
4) Participate in 40 running events, these can be at 5k distance or longer

The first two are goals that I believe I can meet over the next several months. With the weight loss, I am shooting for the 25 pounds to be lost by my birthday in March and my dissertation I believe I can finish next semester if I keep pushing myself HARD. The other two I will spread out throughout the year.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and let me know if you have your goals ready for 2015 yet!


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