Hot Chocolate 15k Race Report

Sunday November 16th I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Columbus Ohio. I signed up for the race, primarily because I was looking to keep in shape, to keep me motivated to run. But what turned out to just be a run to keep in shape, was the most fun I have had running a race in a while.
In the past few weeks I have had some trouble with my sinuses and cold symptoms. It has made it very hard to run as I have had headaches. I decided to see if one of my friends from my running club might like to run with me.

What a blast we had!! The day was really cold and there were quite a few flurries. But the chance to run with a friend and have a gab fest along the way was magnificent!!! We chatted about absolutely everything, jobs, running goals, and the miles just seemed to slide by.

The race was very well organized from the packet pick-up to the event itself. Even with 15,000 runners, the course never seemed too crowded. They released the corrals in waves to make it more efficient. There were plentiful aid stations and even some chocolate stations. At the finish line we received a sweet medal that was unique to the Columbus race and a bowl filled with hot chocolate and chocolate fondue and goodies!

My friend and I finished in 2:08 or something like that. Not a blazing pace, but that mattered little to us. There isn’t much I can say bad about this race, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will likely be back next year.


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