Never Limit Where Running Can Take You

It’s been a long three years. In 2011 I had the opportunity to meet a hero of mine, Bart Yasso. It was a pretty good running year for me, I finished my first 50k and got a PR at the Columbus Marathon.

But the proverbial wheels fell off right after the marathon. I gained a ton of weight, I was extremely unhappy in my job (I switched jobs and was still unhappy). In January 2014 I had the opportunity to take on a new line of work. I had no idea how bad things were until I was separated from those problems for awhile. Magically things started to get better. I got back on track with my dissertation and my running has improved by leaps and bounds.

Around my 30th birthday a running buddy asked me to consider why it was that I ran. I’d been running and racing for over 10 years now, but in some ways it felt stale. I came to the conclusion that it was all about the adventure.

And Carry on Sneakers was born. Just as Bart said, we can’t limit where running will take us. Sometimes it’s on a well traveled road and sometimes it’s on a trail in a state park. Either way, I want to combine my love of running with my love of discovering new places. This blog will be about my adventures, the places DH and I travel to, and the running I do. With a pilot for a hubby and a sense of adventure, my carry on luggage will be my sneakers!

I hope you will join me on this journey- and if you know some place I should check out, let me know!

Safe Journeys,